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frivaboo is a free games website were you can play the best and most played games mainly from friv.com. You and your friends are going to find the most exciting and best friv games on our site and a good place to hang out during your free time.

Our site contains the best free online friv games which otherwise could have gone unnoticed along with the multitude of other games that are not worth playing on friv.com. Every single game on our site have been handpicked after we have personally played them and found them worthy of being placed on our site.

Our team continually endeavors to find only the new and best games in order to place them on Frivaboo.org. We will not leave even one stone unturned in trying to make sure that our visitors cherish every single moment of being on our site. One of the main reasons that our site is so likeable is because it has games for everyone and is updated with 10 new games everyday !.

All the boys and girls who come to play games on our site find games that they are very likely to enjoy playing. By now, you must have understood that satisfied visitors are our top priority and achievement. Satisfied visitors make us feel like victors. Since the site already has plenty of games and is being updated regularly with 10 new games, we have categorized all the games in some broad categories to make it easier for players to find the games of their liking.

The six categories on the site are – Boys Games, Car Games, Cooking Games, Dress Up Games, Friv 4 School Games, Girl Games (juegos friv) and the last category is New Games were all our new games go each day of course.

Each of the games on the site have been put in place along with short and informative descriptions that not only help the players during the game play but also help them decide on whether to play the game or skip to another one.

Boys Games : This is a collection of boys themed online games which is liked by all but most preferred by boys. The games in this category may be shooting games, action games, fighting games and such other games.

Car Games : This is a collection of car games that are so much fun to play. You may require to take part in car races, car parking, car tuning, etc.

Cooking Games: This is a collection of cooking games that will have you prepare various delicacies and eatable items using the ingredients and items according to the requirements. Some of the games here may have you carry out decoration tasks as well.

Dress Up Games: This is a collection of dress up games in which you get to use your fashion skills and makeover skills to give the featured characters admirable looks, funny looks, etc., depending on the game.

friv 4 school : This is a collection of online games that may fit in all the other categories or may not fit in any of the categories. This category is put in place to make sure that some of most enjoyable games are not missed out just because their genres are hard to define.

Girl Games: This is a collection of online games that are most enjoyed by girls who like to play light hearted games like match 3 games, gardening games, serving games, etc.

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